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Clearer vision. Wider reading area. Reduced distortion.
Personalized for optimum visual comfort.

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Few Labs in the United States can match our Thin-Tech Edging.
Permits almost any prescription in a wrap frame...

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Over a generation of anti-reflection coating technology and
development ensures unmatched custom premium
anti-reflection coatings.
Extreme clarity. Most effective repellent surface available today.
"See the world more clearly... That's why you'll love Solidar"

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Our ophthalmic lens edger makes simple what is
normally complicated. Straight & inclined bevel,
polished rimless, polished groove, drill mounting, inclined
T-bevel, inclined step bevel - for all kinds of lens surfaces.

“Helping ophthalmic labs catch up with fashion trends.”
That's Solidar Specialty Edging.

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Welcome to

Solidar Express Coatings

Trusted Handcrafted Specialists

Solidar Express Coatings was founded by one individual bringing 25+ years of Optical Knowledge, hands on experience and know how under one roof.

  • President – Daniel Plante

That's Solidar.

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Solidar High Definition

Solidar digital lenses offer the latest in lens technology, with an assortment of different designs to choose from all of your favorites in the Optical Industry.
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Solidar Lens Treatments

Solidar Express offers a wide selection of Lens options and treatments to ensure that you get the BEST eyeglass lenses to meet your vision and lifestyle needs.

Available treatments include; UV lenses, Scratch Coating, Anti-Reflective Coating, Tint, and Mirror Coating.
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Solidar Specialty Edging

Solidar Express has the most advanced equipment in the industry to edge lenses for specialty frames that were not able to have RX eye wear for these types of frames in the past.

With our specialty equipment and the latest designs in optics we can create any RX into eyeglass and sunglass frames.
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Order Online / Reorder

Online ordering offers convenience and simplicity for the Eye care professional. Orders can be placed anytime 24/7.

This service allows faster turn-around time, previous orders to be archived for review, and increased accuracy on RX information. Make sure you have a Solidar Business Account, first or have been validated by one of our third parties...
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